The new Access UBS release represents a new chapter for the product, loved by over 500,000 SMEs in Asia. In this new release, we have redesigned the product for simplicity to make it easier for you to use. We have also engineered it for growth so that it can support you in your road ahead.

Newer and better Access UBS

Simplify accounting and focus on growing your business with the latest features from the Newer and Beer Access UBS

Phase 1 : A New Look

We have created a new and modern user interface that is more than just aesthetic changes. The new modern user interface is designed to make Access UBS easier for you to use so that you can spend less time on accounting and more on your business.

You can now view and find different companies in your landing screen quickly, view the last login user information as well as perform quick actions on the landing page, such as view past year transactions, instead of opening the individual company.

We have carefully laid out all the features within Access UBS that you frequently use into a systematic order. This helps to improve your efficiency and productivity, resulting in getting more work done faster.

We have grouped your business functions, daily repeated tasks, and system tasks in different sections. Your business functions such as finding your customers and suppliers are located on the left panel. Your daily repeated tasks, such as creating a new sales invoice, can be found in the center panel while your system task, like your system settings, can be accessed on the bottom panel.

You could send your invoice to your customers and wait for them to pay you with a cheque, or, you could give them a payment option directly in the email that you send the invoice, so that you can get paid faster.

With the Direct pay feature, your customers can pay you via online payment modes like credit cards, internet bank transfers or e-wallets of participating payment service providers.

Phase 2 : Improved Visibility and Organization

A few months later in October 2020, we included some additions to organization and improved visibility for customers to enjoy easier monitoring and more accurate reporting. Direct Pay also saw an upgrade as integration with AsiaPay was added to the list of eligible payment systems.

Phase 3 : Quicker, More Accurate Reporting

We’ve made accounting simpler - now we’re making it easier. Our latest upgrades help you transform complex, critical financial reports into easily understood data through the all-new Reporting Centre for Accounting, Inventory and Billing.